We build beautiful spaces for living

We Build beautiful spaces for living
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Prime Residence
At Prime Residence we sometimes meet people who ask us exactly what we are. Let's try to get to know us a little better.

Are you a real estate agency?

No, we are the owners of the properties we rent in Madrid. We accompany you on the visit and explain their characteristics, the environment and the rental process in a very precise way. We know all their characteristics in detail, so we can advise you better than anyone else on the apartment that best suits you and, of course, there are no commissions. As our apartments are our own, we manage our relationship with the client in a very personalised way, so you will always be in the best hands.

Are you a Relocation agency in Madrid?

No, although 90% of our luxury rental flats are fully equipped, furnished and have services (concierge, cleaning, utilities included, 24/365 phone service, etc.) so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you arrive in Madrid. In addition, our team will personally attend to all the queries that may arise when you change your place of residence (transport, useful telephone numbers, restaurant, leisure or cultural offers, etc.).

Can you help me rent or sell my property?

Yes, although not just any property, all the properties in our portfolio must meet our quality standards and we also carry out an in-depth study of the property to get to know it and thus be able to advise both the owner and the tenant or buyer, just as if it were one of our own homes. Our team, with more than 10 years of experience in the rental of luxury flats and in the purchase and sale of properties, works exclusively for Prime Residence.

Our legal team, property management, sales team and home staging department join forces to ensure that each property shines and stands out, whatever its purpose, within the range of properties on the market.

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